My favorite Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the most used web browser; more than 50% of internet users use Chrome (according to W3Schools). Apart from the amazing user experience it offers, Google has made sure that it can be modified as per the user’s wish. For that, Google has provided chrome users a webstore. Everybody has their own preferences and the wide variety of apps and extensions on the Chrome Webstore caters to exactly that.

Being a regular internet user for almost five years now, I have spent time choosing apps that would best suit me. Here is a list of the apps and extensions that I like.

1. Adblock

Adblock is by far my favorite app on any browser. It works perfectly, blocking ads as I go surfing the web which makes my browsing experience much more annoyance-free. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend this to you. It always shows up in reviews like ‘Top 10 Chrome Extensions’, so it has to be good. There is a good alternative to this called Adblock Plus, which may actually be more popular than this. I have tried that one too, but I was not sure how to compare the two, I mean they (just) block ads, what is to compare? Well anyway, kudos to a fantastic idea and implementation.

2. Facebook Unsee

A nice little extension that gives you anonymity on Facebook chat. It makes sure that the person or the group you are chatting with does not know whether you have read the messages sent to you. Basically, it blocks the response sent from your computer which tells the server that you have ‘Seen’ the messages sent to you. I had installed it a long time ago, and I don’t even know if the developer keeps it updated. But it works, so I won’t be switching over to any other extension any time soon.

3. Google Dictionary

A pretty handy app that is useful while browsing. Just double click on a word it to select it, and a tooltip will appear with a definition of the selected word. A nice feature that it has is that you can even look for the meaning of a word in the definition that is showed in the tooltip. If you want to look more definitions, just click on the extension’s icon on the top-right corner after you have selected a word. If even that doesn’t satisfy you, it links you to a  Google search of the word.

4. Photo Zoom for Facebook

This extension should win an award! It is greatly useful while on Facebook. What it does is, it enlarges any picture (it may be a profile picture too!) that your cursor hovers on, so you don’t have to click on a picture to look at its finer details. Simply amazing in terms of both the idea and implementation. This one extension can redefine your Facebooking experience.

5. Speed Dial 2

Nice interface, but its a little heavy. But now, since Chrome always runs in the background that isn’t an issue. It takes screenshots of the websites shown in the dial on its own. Another cool feature is that it can show your browsing history in the form of a pie chart which shows how many visits you have had to a certain website to sites that you normally visit. What disappointed me was the way the bookmark menu was shown. Same with the Chrome apps menu. They should have done something else, honestly. I haven’t really bothered searching for alternatives to a Speed Dial extension because I rarely use bookmarks and much less the apps.

Installing MinGW Compiler with NetBeans (IDE)

  • Download and install the MinGW Compiler.
  • In the NetBeans IDE, click on Tools>Options.
  • Go to the C/C++ tab.
  • Click on Add under Tool Collection.
  • Select the directory where MinGW is installed. It will in most cases be C:/MinGW/bin.
  • Now download and install MSYS. Identify the directory in which MinGW is installed as C:/MinGW to the MSYS installer.
  • Open the file browser next to the Make Command, and select the make.exe in the directory where MSYS is installed.
  • Restart the IDE.

LibreOffice Startup Error

If you get an error after you install LibreOffice, you simply have to delete your user profile. But before you do anything, first close all the instances of LibreOffice.

The location of your user profile will be here:

I’m using version 4.0.3 at the moment, and I remember I had the same problem when I installed 4.0.0. LibreOffice will work normally after you fix this, it won’t give you an error the next time you start it.

Basic IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Commands

Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for instant messaging, and file transfer. It supports both private messaging as well as group chat. Multiple clients on multiple platforms enable users to use IRC. It forms an ideal chat network over the internet. People can host their own servers to run IRC, or join channels on existing servers.
Connecting to a server:
/server <server_name>

Joining/Creating a channel:
/join <channel_name>
/join #help

Registering your nick name:
/msg nickserv register

/msg nickserv register pass123

Registering your channel (on most servers, you can register a channel only after your nick name is registered):
/msg chanserv register <channel_name>
/msg chanserv register #help iloveirc IRC Help

Changing your nick name:
/nick <new_nickname>
/nick samurai123

Leaving a channel:

How to undo YouTube strikes

You can undo your YouTube strikes on your account. One obvious way of getting rid of them is to create a new account using a different email id. But, you can also remove them from the account without using a different email id. There are four steps to achieve this:

  1. Backup all your existing videos.
  2. Unlink your YouTube account and your Google account.
  3. Close your YouTube account.
  4. Sign up on YouTube using the same email Id as that of the account you just deleted.